Degree Prospects was founded in the summer of 2008 to create comprehensive, helpful, easy-to-use websites focused on education-related topics. We're a small team, spread across the US, and the sites we've created reach millions of visitors annually.

You're probably wondering why this is such a basic site! It's because most people engage with us through the individual websites we run.

Current Portfolio

  • is a comprehensive guide to business and data analytics education. Students will find nearly 2,000 degree programs that prepare them to collect, analyze, and interpret data for applications in business, healthcare, and beyond.
  • has helped nurses take the first step toward a Doctor of Nursing Practice since 2015. The directory features more than 1,500 separate DNP programs from universities across the US. The DNP will become the entry-level qualification for NPs by 2025.
  • is the leading online resource for aspiring Doctor of Education (EdD) students. Beyond the website's directory of over 1,400+ programs, it offers practical advice to those considering this terminal degree: how it differs from a Ph.D., and the career implications of earning one.
  • explores the innovative uses of technology within financial services. Students can study the history and evolution of "fintech" before browsing 100 schools that recently launched standalone fintech degree programs.
  • is the first website dedicated to aspiring geographic information systems (GIS) students. Learn about the current market for GIS professionals, the value of professional certifications, and 800+ GIS and geospatial degree programs.
  • explores graduate education in the red-hot field of artificial intelligence. The 350+ program directory includes degrees in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and more.
  • is dedicated to registered nurses. Its directory concentrates on RN-BSN and RN-MSN programs, highlighting over 1,100 of them across the US. Visitors will also find detailed guides to everything from nurse mental health to the country's most diverse nursing schools.
  • focuses on software engineering, which is projected to be one of the most in-demand jobs of the next decade. Browse nearly 1,000 degrees in software engineering or related niches like mobile app development, software architecture, and software development.
  • serves aspiring supply chain management professionals. Discover 600+ programs preparing the next generation of supply chain leaders for emerging challenges related to globalization, sustainability, and technological innovation.
  • aids students in discovering faith-focused degree programs that resonate with their beliefs and aspirations. Visitors can explore over 500 schools offering 3,000+ degrees in theology, biblical studies, divinity, ministry, and other religious focus areas.

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